Our Pharmacists are Key to Back-to-School Planning

As your families prepare to go back to school, you visit the pediatrician, dentist, and other providers, but you may overlook the value our pharmacist can offer. Peachtree Pharmacy can help parents and children maintain their health as well as overcome sickness throughout the upcoming school year. In the weeks leading up to the new school year, include our compounding pharmacy in the planning. Here are some innovative ideas for how we can help!   If your child needs to transport daily medication to school. Our pharmacist can provide options to make dosing easier [...]

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Relief for Neuropathic Pain due to Shingles or Diabetes

Relief for Neuropathic Pain due to Shingles or Diabetes     Neuropathic pain is a common condition. Peripheral neuropathy is a result of damage to peripheral nerves from traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems, inherited causes or exposure to toxins. One of the most common causes is diabetes mellitus. It often causes weakness, numbness and pain, usually in the hands and feet but it can also affect other areas of your body. People with peripheral neuropathy generally describe the pain as stabbing, burning or tingling.      Another problem that can progress to chronic neuropathic pain [...]

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Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain – Dispelling the Myths

Pain is among the most common reasons Americans use the health care system and the leading cause of disability. Chronic pain (pain that lasts more than six months) can be caused by a variety of injuries and diseases, including nerve damage and cancer, and most commonly affects the lower back and legs. Chronic pain may be intermittent or continuous, and it prevents many people from working, eating properly, participating in physical activity or enjoying life. Left untreated or under treated, chronic pain may cause significant physical and emotional disability.  Cancer is a major [...]

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Depression – When Treatment isn’t Working

Depressive disorders have symptoms that vary from person to person. Depression is often paired with other issues, and can lead to severe disability. In spite of decades of research on the causes of depression and the wide variety of treatments available, some people only respond partially or become resistant to treatment. Recent scientific evidence has been pointing out the essential role of biological systems, in particular glutamatergic neurotransmission, which can be inhibited by the medication ketamine.  Ketamine is approved by the FDA to be used as an anesthetic; however, recent reports have shown [...]

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Compounding for Complications of Diabetes

According to the CDC, 34.2 million Americans, approximately 1 in 10, have diabetes. Approximately 1 in 3 have prediabetes. Individuals with diabetes require lifestyle changes as well as regular management of their health. Diabetes affects everyone differently and compounding can help individualize management solutions and make treatment adjustments as needed. Multiple types of diabetes exist and being that it is a chronic condition, individuals are more prone to ancillary illnesses and health complications. Diabetes lowers or blocks the body’s ability to produce insulin. Insulin resistance is what causes several health complications associated with [...]

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Customized Dermatologic Preparations

Peachtree Pharmacy can prepare customized dermatologic preparations that can improve therapeutic outcomes, have minimal side effects, and save you time and money. Preparations are compounded as prescribed by your dermatologist or family doctor to contain the needed medications in the best base or dosage form (gels, creams, ointments, lip balms, powders, sprays, etc.) to most efficiently deliver the needed drug to the affected area.  To create customized dermatologics, we work together with practitioners and their patients to provide innovative solutions to challenging medical problems. Commercial products are limited, and sometimes unavailable, and often [...]

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Drug Shortages Result in Rationing Treatments

This problem is widespread and likely to affect you or someone you love. Drug shortages of all sorts of drugs - anesthetics, painkillers, antibiotics, cancer treatments - have become the new norm. Shortages of drugs and therapeutics occur for a variety of reasons, including for reasons ranging from manufacturing problems to federal safety crackdowns to drug manufacturers abandoning low-profit products. Some shortages receive attention, but many times the patients and the public are not aware of the issues. A survey of oncologists conducted in 2012 and 2013 showed 83% of doctors who regularly [...]

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Customized Dermatologic Preparations

Customized Dermatologic Preparations We can prepare customized dermatologics that can help to improve therapeutic outcomes.  Preparations are compounded as prescribed by your doctor to contain the needed medications in the best vehicle (base) or dosage form (gels, creams, ointments, lip balms, powders, sprays, etc.) to efficiently deliver the needed drug to the affected area. We work together with practitioners and their patients to provide innovative solutions to challenging skin problems. Commercial products are sometimes limited, or unavailable, and often available products are not exactly what the patient needs: the strength can be inadequate [...]

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Topical Analgesics for Neuropathic Pain in the Elderly

Elderly patients exhibit a higher incidence of several neuropathic pain conditions than younger individuals. Neuropathic pain can result from diabetes, shingles, or injury. Systemic treatment of neuropathic pain in the elderly usually requires lower dosing, slower titration, and more monitoring for efficacy and adverse effects than in younger patients. Drugs are absorbed and eliminated at different rates as people age, and as patients become frail, develop various illnesses, and take multiple medications, the risks of drug therapy increase. Conventional treatment of neuropathic pain is not optimal with less than 50% of patients achieving [...]

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ESTROGEN DOMINANCE – Not Just a Woman’s Problem

Do you have any of these problems? Fibrocystic and tender breasts Heavy menstrual bleeding Irregular menstrual cycles Uterine fibroids Decreased libido Mood swings Vasomotor symptoms Weight gain (hips, waist, thighs) Foggy thinking, forgetfulness Increased levels of triglycerides The problem could be “estrogen dominance”, a common condition that occurs when the body has a relative deficiency of progesterone in relation to estrogen. You are probably thinking “What does this have to do with a man?  Read on… Depending on a woman’s age, there can be various causes of Estrogen Dominance: Premenopause:  Lack of ovulation [...]

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