When you have a problem with your mouth or lips, we can help! Whether you need to relieve pain from ulcerations or an injury, provide a protective barrier to prevent irritation and help with healing, or perhaps numb an area prior to a procedure, we can help! Our compounding pharmacists work with dentists and other health care professionals to customize medications to meet specific needs. For example, troches (lozenges) and lollipops may be the best dosage form when a medication needs to remain in contact with an area of the mouth to be most effective. By prescription from your dentist, we can compound anesthetic or antifungal lollipops to make it easier to treat  oral thrush. Customized lip balms can help with infections such as herpes virus (cold sores). Ask us about natural antivirals in an moisturizing lip balm to keep your lips looking and feeling great!

At Peachtree Pharmacy, we can add natural sweeteners and pleasant-tasting flavors to either lollipops or troches, as well as mouth rinses, solutions and suspensions, making them ideal for geriatric and pediatric patients. Unique delivery systems may be used to help give medication to patients with special needs and infants. For example, we have pacifiers and baby bottles that are specially designed for medication delivery. These devices and customized dosage forms enable parents to dispense prescription medicine easily and accurately, and can be provided in child-resistant packaging.

We can compound prescription medications that adhere to the inside of the mouth, forming a protective barrier to help prevent further irritation and allow the area to heal.  By putting medications in a “muco-adhesive” base that adheres to the oral mucosa (lining of the mouth), we can increase the contact time between the medicine and the oral tissue. For patients with allergies, we can compound the medications to be free of gluten, casein, dye, lactose and parabens; and we can flavor medications based on patient preference.

Muco-adhesive preparations are ideal for:

  • Oral rinses or mouthwashes
  • Covering oral ulcerations
  • Lip therapy

Dentists and physicians can work with our compounding pharmacist to determine the most appropriate strength of medication(s) to best help each patient. Medications that can be added to a muco-adhesive base include topical anesthetics and other types of pain relievers, anti-virals, and healing agents.

If you have lesions inside your mouth or on your lips that are a recurring problem, or slow to heal, ask our compounding professionals for more information about how we can help!

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