As your families prepare to go back to school, you visit the pediatrician, dentist, and other providers, but you may overlook the value our pharmacist can offer. Peachtree Pharmacy can help parents and children maintain their health as well as overcome sickness throughout the upcoming school year. In the weeks leading up to the new school year, include our compounding pharmacy in the planning. Here are some innovative ideas for how we can help! 

  • If your child needs to transport daily medication to school. Our pharmacist can provide options to make dosing easier and accurate when the school nurse administers the medication.
  • Head lice infestations are common once kids return to the classroom and other group activities. Although there are many commercially available treatments, talk to our pharmacist about prevention and all-natural remedies.
  • Common dermatologic infections, such as ringworm and athlete’s foot, as well as infections of the eye, ear, nose, and throat can easily spread as kids return to school and sports. Kids are more likely to come into physical contact with their peers as they play and learn. It is important to teach and remind children of proper handwashing techniques and keeping their hands away from their face. If an infection occurs, we can provide treatment options that can meet a child’s specific needs.
  • To help children improve medication compliance and streamline the process, compounding pharmacists can customize medications in a dosage form and flavor a child will enjoy. Many children have special needs and medications can be created without problem-causing excipients such as lactose, gluten, preservatives and dyes.
  • Proper nutritional supplements are a key to boosting children’s immune systems. Our pharmacist can discuss options to help boost immunity and ward off sickness. Supplements to consider for children include:
  • Pharmacists can also play a critical role in medication education. Our team can advise families and young people on the proper way to take medications and how to avoid toxic medications and abuse.


Our pharmacy team is available to make the transition back-to-school as easy as possible!